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Da'an District: 
Dunhuang Village | Jianlun Village | TunHwa South Commercial Zone | Yanji Street Food Commercial Zone
Neihu District: 
NeiHu Industrial Commercial Zone
Shihlin District: 
Songshan District: 
Minyou Village | Songji Village | Zhonghua Village
Xin Yi District: 
Hsin-yi Commercial Zone | Jingxin Village | Xinglong Village | Zhongxing Village
Zhongshan District: 
Fuhua Village | Jiangning Village | Lixing Village | Xiapi Village | Zhufu Village
Zhongzheng District: 
Liming Village

Dunhuang Village

Most of households move into Dunhuang Village in 1970, it is a new exclusive residential area, high standard of living. Near Dunhuang is Jen Ai elementary school, so the pro class for children with art classes everywhere, full of artistic culture and education of children inside. In addition Fubon Charity Foundation is also located in Dunhuang Village enhance the in care for the disadvantaged and promote the spirit of public service. Dunhuang Village most famous attractions Cathay Life and Cathay General Hospital building, providing people in the financial life insurance and medical diagnosis and treatment of great benefit. Another Lutheran Ann MRT station opening in 2013, allows this in the transportation more convenient, but also to promote active and prosperity in the region. Ann Road., Along the many well-known clothing store, presents advanced pop culture imagery. Another room in the small alleys where there are a number of characteristics of the cafes filled with the exotic cuisine restaurant, offers friendship of the people as a recreational place.

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