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Da'an District: 
Dunhuang Village | Jianlun Village | TunHwa South Commercial Zone | Yanji Street Food Commercial Zone
Neihu District: 
NeiHu Industrial Commercial Zone
Shihlin District: 
Songshan District: 
Minyou Village | Songji Village | Zhonghua Village
Xin Yi District: 
Hsin-yi Commercial Zone | Jingxin Village | Xinglong Village | Zhongxing Village
Zhongshan District: 
Fuhua Village | Jiangning Village | Lixing Village | Xiapi Village | Zhufu Village
Zhongzheng District: 
Liming Village

Fuhua Village

Fuhua Village is located next to the Nanjing Fuxing Station, gathered around to Urban one, Breeze Nanjing, Ikea, Taipei Arena and other large commercial facilities, called the essence of the Nanjing East Road retail segment, but with the Shongshan line opening shipping synergistic effect brought together more crowds. Shongshan line opened opportunities brought attract Fubon Life Insurance, China Life and other life insurers invest business superficies , Cathay Life Insurance, Shin Kong Life Insurance has also investment Nanjing Road store in recent years.

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