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Da'an District: 
Dunhuang Village | Jianlun Village | TunHwa South Commercial Zone | Yanji Street Food Commercial Zone
Neihu District: 
NeiHu Industrial Commercial Zone
Shihlin District: 
Songshan District: 
Minyou Village | Songji Village | Zhonghua Village
Xin Yi District: 
Hsin-yi Commercial Zone | Jingxin Village | Xinglong Village | Zhongxing Village
Zhongshan District: 
Fuhua Village | Jiangning Village | Lixing Village | Xiapi Village | Zhufu Village
Zhongzheng District: 
Liming Village

Lixing Village

Lixing Village used to be part of Zhulun Village. Due to the surge in population, it was divided into Lixing Village and Shijian Village on October, 1958, before Shijian Village itself merge into Lixing Village on 12th March, 1990. Lixing Village is engaged in business, banks, and labor. Rich in educational resources for the fact that there are Zhongshan Women's Lieutenant, Zhongxing Secondary School as well as Zhongzheng Primary School. In addition, the Wisdom Lecture Hall, the Christian Missionary Society, the Fuju Palace and other temple churches are present to provide religious supports for nearby residents. The Liaoning night market in Lixing Village is a well-known tourist spot. There are 2 Buddhist temples, 3 Christian churches, and 2 other altars for worshippers. There are children's playgrounds in Zhulun Park at 55th lane of Longjiang Road. The park is full of trees, which is the best place for the people to cover the shade.

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