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Da'an District: 
Dunhuang Village | Jianlun Village | TunHwa South Commercial Zone | Yanji Street Food Commercial Zone
Neihu District: 
NeiHu Industrial Commercial Zone
Shihlin District: 
Songshan District: 
Minyou Village | Songji Village | Zhonghua Village
Xin Yi District: 
Hsin-yi Commercial Zone | Jingxin Village | Xinglong Village | Zhongxing Village
Zhongshan District: 
Fuhua Village | Jiangning Village | Lixing Village | Xiapi Village | Zhufu Village
Zhongzheng District: 
Liming Village

Zhongxing Village

Zhongxing Village is located right next to Xin-yi Commercial Zone, a major business hub of Taiwan and includes the seat of Taipei City Government, World Trade Exhibition Center, Taipei International Convention Centre and many famous department stores. Many of the world's leading financial institutions and enterprises and many leading Taiwanese companies are based in this area. The centre is well located, with rapid access to all other Taipei districts by public transportation: MRT, taxi and bus. It is only 2 minute walk to Taipei 101 Station on the MRT Xinyi Line. It is also conveniently located opposite the World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall and the Hyatt Hotel. There are many amenities including restaurants, banks and retail facilities nearby.

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